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“To the Costa Rica Dental Center Thank you for the wonderful experience I had at your dental center. I appreciate the care and attention you gave me for my dental implant procedures. It is such a relief to know the problem with my smile is finally over and I am very happy with the results and will certainly recommend you to all of my friends. I am very grateful for the time you took to explain my options and with the samples you showed me to choose from. I appreciate the personal attention you gave me, and your professionalism.“

M.P. Los Angeles, CA

“Hello doctor, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful outcome of my procedures and for the help you gave me in planning my trip for my new, beautiful dental implants. My teeth look wonderful and I am grateful that you were able to do the dental implant surgery and place the crowns during the same visit. You and your staff were exceptional in making the whole experience comfortable and memorable. Now, by being able to smile with confidence, my life has been made better in every way. Enclosed is an older picture of my teeth, along with a current picture to show the amazing transformation. My best regards to everyone and thank you again.“

L.S. Atlanta, GA

“Dear dentists at the Costa Rica Dental Center, it is now 3 months since you performed my dental implant procedure and I am sending you an “after” picture so you can use it for prospective patients. As you can see, I have a wonderful smile (compare that to the “before” picture that you took). I want you to know how happy I am with the results. The overall cost was lower than I could ever have done it here, and I had a wonderful dental holiday for myself and Sylvia. We thoroughly enjoyed sightseeing in and around beautiful San Jose. Thank you so much for everything. “

D.W. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I am writing to say that my experience with the Costa Rica Dental Center was absolutely wonderful. My mission was to have a great Hollywood smile with beautiful natural-looking dental implants and crowns, and I certainly got my wish and much more. I was very impressed with the modern facilities, the great staff, and wonderful treatment I received. The cost was exceptionally low and the dental implants were top quality and truly amazing. For anyone wishing to have dental implants, you will find that the Costa Rica Dental Center is very experienced and well-equipped, and the entire staff is completely dedicated to achieving the best results possible. My stay at the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn was wonderful and I was taken good care of by a super well-trained staff. I am very happy with the whole experience and would recommend it to anyone.“

T.K. Las Vegas, NV

“Wonderful dental implants, wonderful fittings and adjustments, and wonderful smile! I am happy to say that the dental work done by the Costa Rica Dental Center was perfect in every way and I am very happy with the “new me”. I was unsure of which dental implants would achieve the best results, but your amazing equipment, scanners, computer smile-design programs, as well as your high standards, gave me perfect results. My new implants look very natural and my whole experience was exceptional. I very much enjoyed my dental holiday. My sincere thanks to all of you for the exceptional work. “

H.B. Detroit, MI

“Dear Costa Rica Dental Center and Staff, I just returned home and wish to give you my thanks for scheduling my dental work on such short notice to fit my work schedule. I am absolutely thrilled with my new look. The visit to your wonderful country was outstanding, and the low cost for my dental work made the whole trip economical and fun. During my stay at the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn, I received wonderful care during my dental surgery, and the meals and staff were exceptional. My trip was a great adventure and the money I saved for my dental procedures compared to prices here was amazing. I will be back for additional dental work in the future. Thank you again for everything. “

C.A. Huntsville, AL

“This is to everyone at the Costa Rica Dental Center, thank you for making my visit truly memorable. I am pleased to say my experience with your center was amazing. Your facilities and labs are remarkable and your caring staff took complete care of my needs. I felt very comfortable and happy during the whole experience there. My dental implants have given me a perfect smile and I am so happy with my new appearance. Thank you so much for all of your attention and precision work. The results are incredible. “

W.T. Houston, TX

“Dear Costa Rica Dental Center I am writing to sincerely thank you and everyone there for a wonderful experience in beautiful San Jose, Costa Rica. My trip was exciting and I enjoyed the adventure very much. I saved a great deal of money on my dental work, and I couldn’t be happier. The skills of your staff were amazing and everything went smoothly. San Jose is a terrific location for dental work and I found the city to be safe and full of malls, parks, museums and many interesting places to visit. I plan to return for more dental work and I plan to venture outside of the city to explore rain forests, coffee plantations and other points of interest. The Costa Rica Medical Center Inn was absolutely first-class and I felt very comfortable with other guests also there for dental work. The high level of dental care by your staff was wonderful and my new teeth turned out perfect. My very best wishes to you and everyone there. I hope to see you very soon.“

G.R. Fresno, CA